Thanks for coming out to the Fusion sale!

Thanks for coming by the Fusion Pottery & Glass Sale this weekend. It was a beautiful show. We enjoyed all the traffic from the Saturday morning farmers’ market, I had a fantastic booth neighbour, Ms. April Gates of Blackbird Pottery, and the Wychwood Barns was a beautiful space to spend a rainy weekend in! I had a cheerful table of pots…the red poppy vases having made their triumphant return. Haha. By popular demand, actually, so I was happy to bring them back! One of the most rewarding aspects of this show was getting to meet more established artists who have been potting for 30+ years. While I couldn’t relate to the ‘pottery heyday’ that they were lucky enough to get their start in (me being a ‘recession’ potter and all), I did appreciate their kind words of encouragement.

One potter took me by the arm, gave me a good squeeze, and said “It is so good to see all these young people here!”

What’s next? I have two more wholesale orders to wrap up in time for the holiday season. Gonna be at CITY OF CRAFT on December 8-9th in Toronto. So excited for this show. And, later in December I will be in the Beaches for the lovely MOVIES & MAKERS Craft Show at the Fox Theatre. What could be better than that? I’ll post dates & details soon.

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  1. carolyn says:

    Looks like it was a great show! Can’t wait to see you at Movies & Makers. (On the other side of the table, this time, thanks to OOAK.)

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